5 Best Drum Sets Under $500

            Looking to start some good drum lessons, or get to an intermediary start with the drums, but have no clue where to look? Well, there are drums out there you can buy for less than $100, but don’t have the right quality. Also, you can buy drums that are over $500, but they are a bit overpriced. Trying to find some drums that are within the $350-$500 range seems best, because you get great quality and you won’t have to break your pockets. You want something that has a great sound, look, and will stand the test of time. Here are 5 best drum sets you can purchase right now for under $500.

            This is a great premium set to start off everything. If you've become quite good at your drums but need something to perform, this is the set you want in your possession. This is perfect for your gigs and will last you a while with your band. Some of the following features include:

            9 ply, 7mm Poplar Shells & 1.2mm Triple Flanged hoops. Comes with Heads and Double Braced Hardware.
            Drums Included: 22x16 Bass Drum, 1x8 Tom, 12x9 Tom, 16x16 Floor Tom, 14x5.5 Snare Drum
            Cymbals Included: 16" Brass Crash-Ride, 14" Hybrid Hi-Hats
            Hardware Included: Cymbal Stand, Hi-Hat Stand, Snare Stand, Bass Drum Pedal, Throne, 2 Tom Holders

            Not only does this look really appealing to the eye due to the red color, but it certainly packs a wallop. It has a compact look, which is great for fitting it in more tight places. However, the size doesn't deter from the power. It has a great and rich sound that certainly gives you your money’s worth at a bit of a lower price.

            If you want to start off with a custom set, you can begin your build right from the standard kit. It comes with the following:

            20" x 16" kick drum
            14" x 5-1/2" snare drum
            10" x 7" and 12" x 8" toms
            14" x 14" floor tom
            16" crash/ride
            14" hi-hat cymbals
            Snare stand
            Straight cymbal stand
            Hi-hat stand
            Kick pedal

            Are you beginner and trying to find a good drum set to help get your feet wet? This is exactly what you need for the right price. For just around 400 dollars, you get a fully inclusive set. Everything from a chain-drive pedal, sticks, and cymbals. Of course, you can change a couple of things around to make it better overall. However, this is something that can grow on you more as you become better at playing the instrument. Here are some of the features:

            22" Bass Drum
            10, 12, 16" Toms
            14" Snare Drum
            13" Hi-Hats & 16" Crash Included
            All Hardware Included

            To become proficient at any instrument, it's best to start out young. Rise drums certainly help to make it a bit easier for newcomers to get adjusted to the learning curve. It has a great sound due to the quality of the wood, and it's built to last. Great for soft high and low tones with the instrument. Here are some of the features:

            22x16 Bass Drum, 12x8 & 13x9 Toms, 16x16 Floor Tom, 14x5 Snare Drum
            6 Ply poplar shells with 45 degree bearing edges
            Hardware includes: Hi Hat Stand, 2 Tier Cymbal Stand, Bass Drum pedal, Throne, (2) Tom Arms, (3) Floor Tom Legs, Drumsticks, & Drum Key
            Cymbals included: ZBT 13" Hi Hats & 18" Crash Ride

            If you're looking for a one-stop shop to satisfy your drumming needs, this is the set you want in your arsenal. This helps to fulfill all skill levels. It has all the bells and whistles ready to assemble right in the packaging. This kind of versatility right out the box is incredible, especially for the price point. Some of the features include:

            Features and Accessories
            Poplar/basswood shells covered with durable PVC.
            22" x 16" bass drum.
            12" x 8" and 13" x 9" tom toms.
            14" x 5.5" matching snare drum.
            16" x 16" floor tom.
            14.5" hi-hat with chain drive stand and 16" crash cymbals.
            Round padded height adjustable drum throne.
            A pair of wooden drumsticks.
            Double braced snare, cymbal and hi-hat stands.
            Chain drive bass drum pedal.
            Easy to read setup instructions for assembly.

            Updated: 15 May 2019 06:31 AM
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